Your Secret is Safe with Us.

Face it - the decorative appeal of the modern safe has improved very little  over the past century. UNTIL NOW!

Thanks to Safe-CabinetTM, businesses and homeowners no longer feel the need to hide their safes from view. Safe-CabinetTM is an elegantly hand-crafted, custom-made piece of furniture that is a stunning addition to any family room, office or retail space. But under all that beauty, Safe-CabinetTM is hiding something. Find out more here...

  • - Fits any safe up to 66"x32"x27" (H/W/D)
  • - Custom sizes available
  • - Available in a variety of woods and premium quality finishes
  • - Easy assembly using only a screwdriver and level
  • - Bench-built in New England by American craftsmen
  • - Ships anywhere in the U.S.